牛顿商学院-时尚设计学院是由留学欧美的海归博士创办,并由来自时装设计、纺织业、奢侈品零售业和时尚行业的国际专家共同执教,旨在把欧洲的时装设计及艺术教育在中国发扬广大,让大陆的学生不出国就能学习到欧洲的优质时尚设计课程。 作为一所培养设计创造力量的学府,它的学科主要涉及国际时装设计,时尚视觉影像和时尚插画等课程。

IFD was established by Dr. Wu who has outstanding doctoral background in American and European top universities. It owns highly professional tutors with decades of experience in fashion design, textile and luxury, and aims at introducing the European-style fashion design and artistic education to China so that the Chinese students could learn such high-quality courses at home. The setting courses include International Fashion Design, Fashion Vision, Fashion Illustration, etc. The institute is committed to nurture the original creativity in fashion design